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PRIZ specializes in automation of various industrial macro and micro processes used onshore, offshore and in the air.

The company's services meet both market expectations and the requirements of RF supervisory authorities.

ZAO PRIZ has been active in the oil and gas sector since 1992 and has a proven track record in implementing projects of any complexity and at any stage of manufacturing process - from basis of design development to commissioning of the completed project
Process automation
Any manufacturing process involves a variety of chemical and physical processes implemented in the appropriate apparatus. It can be straightforward and it can be infinitely complex, involving transformations and reductions of feedstock.
How do we record tens of thousands of measurements quickly and faithfully? How do we review and adjust them in real time? How do we keep track of all changes and respond to each and every one of them by restarting the process if it stops, or shutting it down if it runs amok?
Those who have not yet found answers can take advantage of PRIZ's 20 years of experience in automation of various processes, both macro (terminals, platforms, petroleum refining systems) and micro(nanotechnology) processes. We deliver what the Customer orders - within the technological limits of the specific process flow.

What are the best lubricant and lubrication method to maximize the life of the gearbox in a car? And in aircraft?
No matter what standard operating procedures are in place for the manufacture of a given product, no final decision will ever be made until after testing has been completed.
The testbeds of ZAO PRIZ implement methods prescribed by government regulations. The results of such tests are described by figures. They guarantee accuracy, and we guarantee quality.  
Whether fixed or floating, production, loading or mixed, all modern platforms have the highest level of automation and computerization of production processes.
Automation makes it possible to reduce the human factor in the control of expensive and all-around hazardous process equipment.
The tripping time of our safety systems is measured in seconds. We are aware of risks and accept responsibility.

Where particles of matter are measured in nanometres, i.e. billionths of a metre, millionths of a millimetre, or thousandths of a micron, chemical bonds weaken, and the physicochemical properties of a cluster of such particles normally cease to have anything in common with the properties of the source substance.
How do we set up an assembly line for such particles? How do we measure the thickness of their coating on a surface? How do we ensure the quality of products and the safety of production process?
A lot of questions, right? We have the answers.
Loading/unloading systems
The independent engineering company ZAO PRIZ offers its customers a full range of equipment made by global industry leaders to enable the loading/unloading of liquid and gaseous products. The equipment supplied by our company performs equally well in any climate. The loading/unloading facilities offered by PRIZ are safe, good and reliable at all stages of project implementation, however challenging.
Transportation and storage
Onshore terminals, airport fuelling facilities, crude oil tank farms and export terminals. All of the above are necessary elements of the process train designed to ensure the safekeeping of petroleum products such as liquid, gaseous, heavy, explosion-prone and environmentally hazardous products. This is the focal stage of application and implementation of research and development solutions for loading and unloading, metering and accounting processes, and health, safety and environment.
Metering units and systems
Metrology, the science of measurement, states: whatever can, must be measured.
Any meter, whether a sophisticated instrument or an ordinary measuring pail, in other words, everything that has a scale and accuracy rating, must be verified. Currently widely used for this purpose are reference gauges, standards and mixes.
But for all that, this does not cover the usual business conflict: who owes who and how much. Having reviewed our solutions to such problems, you will be able to settle this sensitive matter for yourselves once and for all: better accounting makes for stronger friendship and business relationships.